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Impact of Closure of Duse And Eskot Livestock Markets on Livelihoods & Resilience of the People in Garbatula-Isiolo County


This study was commissioned by the County government of Isiolo with financial support from USAID-Resilience and Learning Activity (USAID-RLA) to assess the dynamics underlying the closure of the two livestock markets in Eskot and Duse. The two markets had been constructed with the support of USAID in 2016 and were quite vibrant, supporting the livelihoods of diverse members of the communities. Operations of the two markets were, however, disrupted in 2019 and have since then remained closed.

The study, therefore, sought to establish the socio-economic impact of market closure on local communities and propose corrective measures to minimise the recurrence of such conflicts for the resilience of the communities. The study covered communities in the neighborhood of the two markets of Duse and Eskot. Duse market is in Kinna Ward, which covers Kinna Town, and Duse, Rapsu, Gubadida, Kulamawe, Barambate, and Yaqqbarsadi villages. On the other hand, Eskot market is in Garbatulla Ward, which covers Garbatulla town, Eskot, Boji, Malkadaka, Gafarsa,
Muchuro, Kombola, Qurqura and Belgesh villages. During the study, communities in the neighborhoods of Eskot market had been displaced and most of them had been integrated into communities around Garba Tula and Kinna. These households were traced with the help of their local chief.

  • Date Published:

    17 Jan, 2023
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